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Textile solutions for the automotive industry +31 (0) 416 541 700

About us

Juritex was founded in 1976 and has always been active as a supplier of technical textile components for the textile processing industry. In this industry, thus, lies the basis for our thinking and actions. We know better than anyone what professional customers expect: to think along with them, to innovate and to carry out custom work.

Juritex Automotive develops, produces and supplies all kinds of items for the automotive industry since 2004. This ranges from various types of edge binding for car mats to webbings, elastic or straps used for the production of car seats, in, i.e.: the trunk of cars or in the production of buses or truck cabins. We develop in cooperation with the OEM brands worldwide as well as with the various TIER-1 suppliers.

With Juritex Automotive, you’re dealing with an experienced partner who continues to innovate and customize business as a TIER-2 supplier.

Juritex Automotive offers you reliability and quality, you can hold us to that every day.