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Textile solutions for the automotive industry +31 (0) 416 541 700

Juritex Automotive manufactures items for the automotive industry

Our products

Juritex Automotive develops, produces and supplies all kinds of items for the automotive industry. This ranges from various types of edge binding for car mats to webbings, elastic or straps used in, i.e.: the trunk of cars or in the production of buses or truck cabins.

More about us

Renault Captur – Premium mat kit

Renault challenged us to match the mats for the Captur model with the ivory, blue,…

Ford F-150 Lariat – Edge binding

By far the most popular Ford model, the F-150. Of this model, the mats are…

Volvo XC 60 – Mats

The mats for the Volvo XC 60 come in a nubuck off-black with silver-gray reflection…

McLaren 570S – Leather Mats

McLaren car mats are fitted with real leather, which is of course also among our…

Tesla Model S

In collaboration with Tesla, a new woven binding has been developed for their Model S.

Our products

We develop in cooperation with the OEM brands worldwide as well as with the various TIER-1 suppliers. Juritex has now been in existence for over 40 years, assuring you that you are dealing with an experienced partner who continues to innovate and tailor as a TIER-2 supplier.

Edge binding

The perfect finish for your mat, matching the interior, for a beautiful look.


For branding your brand, safety instructions or registration.

Retaining straps

We have the solution for securing in the interior or trunk.

Webbing solutions

For adjusting seats, lifting a base plate or securing in the interior or trunk.